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INR 300.00

Wild honey bees collect nectar from himalayan flowers to create this organic honey.

Woody aroma and a flavour that is complex, lingering and rich.

This honey is guaranteed 100% pure and natural.

Contains No Preservatives, No Added Sugars, Syrups or Extenders, No Artificial Flavourings or Colourings.

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INR 120.00 INR 100.00

Purely organic ,free from chemicals.
Good source as a sweetening agent.
Grown on our own niche organic farm.
Heavenly taste and purity guaranteed.

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Raw Sugar

INR 155.00

Organic raw sugar has more nutritional value.
Squeezed from fresh sugarcane,evaporated and crystallized.
Certified organic sugarcane grown in our farm and the grains size are bigger in size .
Gluten free, vegan and kosher.